Queensland candidate update


The candidate list continues to grow as we get closer to the Queensland election.

Nominations close at the end of next week, just in time for voting to commence the week after the ACT and New Zealand elections.

My list of candidates now includes 426 candidates. It might be a few days before all the latest updates flow through to the seat profiles (there’s 55 seats requiring updates) but you can see all of them on the spreadsheet.

So far I’ve identified 86 LNP candidates, 83 Labor candidates and 72 Greens. I presume all three parties will run a full slate of 93 candidates, so that’s at least 38 more candidates to come, bringing the total to at least 464, compared to 453 candidates in 2017.

The list also includes 44 One Nation candidates and 43 candidates for Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party. The Informed Medical Options party is next with 29 candidates. There are also 19 candidates for Legalise Cannabis Queensland, 13 for Katter’s Australian Party, 11 for the Motorists, 6 for Animal Justice, 5 for North Queensland First, and 15 independents.

On average there are 4.58 candidates announced for each seat. Nine candidates have been announced for Townsville (Labor’s most marginal seat) and eight for Whitsunday (the LNP’s most marginal, now held by North Queensland First).

Remarkably there are still no challengers announced for the LNP seat of Callide and the Labor seat of Woodridge.

Finally, here is the proportion of women running for the parties running the most candidates:

  • LNP – 29.1%
  • Labor – 39.8%
  • Greens – 48.6%
  • One Nation – 31.8%
  • United Australia – 14.0%
  • Informed Medical Options – 79.3%
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  1. Still no Labor candidate in my electorate of Warrego. Assuming nobody is nominated it’ll be the first time in 132 years that they don’t field anyone here. Real shame.

  2. Just noticed on ECQ web site that nominations close 12 PM Sunday 11 October. I wonder if someone relied too much on Spreadsheet calculations. Also how many nominations will not get in even of those on Ben’s Spreadsheet.

  3. ECQ website now says nominations have closed and they will start appearing on site from 1430 this afternoon.
    So they must have had someone in working on a Sunday.

  4. Oh wow. I’ve just flicked through the ECQ website and it appears One Nation has nominated a candidate in every single electorate (including inner Brisbane). I wasn’t expecting that.

  5. Lilith333 — Almost. PHON aren’t contesting Traeger (Robbie Katter, KAP) or Hill (Shane Knuth, KAP) or Callide (Colin Boyce, LNP). Interestingly they *are* contesting Hinchinbrook, the third KAP seat; annoyingly for Nick Dametto PHON are first on the ballot there and he is last!

  6. Lilith: Labor are running Mark O’Brien for the third election in a row (he also ran as an independent in 2012 and beat Labor). He’s probably worth 10% of the Labor vote in Charleville.

  7. @Bird of paradox Yeah, I guess I should’ve figured they’d nominate him again. One Nation fielding a candidate surprised me though (before I found out they did so in almost all electorates). I assumed they’d given it up to the Katters.

  8. No Katter most places (although they do have one in Warrego). They’re running in all the NQ seats except Cairns and Barron River (a contiguous block of ten seats), but further south it’s hit and miss. Rockhampton, Burnett and Warrego don’t have much to do with each other, or the other ten.

    The Shooters are running in three seats: Southern Downs (OK), and Murrumba and Redlands (WTF?).

    If One Nation’s vote tanks, with that many candidates there’s gonna be a pile of lost deposits. Angry ex-candidates will probably end up with the bill.

    And it didn’t end up being the northern seats with the most candidates – turned out to be Mermaid Beach and Mudgeeraba, both on the Gold Coast, with ten candidates each. Nine in McConnell (Brisbane), Buderim and Maroochydore (Sunshine Coast), and Rockhampton and Townsville further north.

  9. Bird of Paradox has raised an interesting point about angry candidates wearing Bill. There has been a great deal of light thrown on Party finances in recent years but things like agreements to pay a percentage of Parliamentary salary into a campaign account has not seen light of day. My understanding although I have no evidence of this is that old National Party required 10% but LNP requires 15%. When nominating Candidates with slightest chance of winning pay a nomination fee of ? ECQ have tightened up reporting rules significantly but still do not report which bank account funds are paid into. It is generally believed that funding for one party goes into a personal bank account of leader ( or possibly a bank account totally under the control of Leader) We just do not know details.

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