Podcast #44: ACT election preview


Ben is joined by Kevin Bonham and Stewart Jackson to preview the upcoming election in the ACT.

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  1. An open letter to all Candidates in the 2020 ACT Election
    FamilyVoice Australia is a national non-denominational Christian-based organisation advocating on family, faith, and freedom for all Australians.
    We note you are a candidate for the forthcoming election on October 17 and have registered with the Australian Capital Territory Electoral Commission. FamilyVoice Australia seeks to ascertain your policy on a number of issues so we can inform our ACT supporters on policies being advocated in the upcoming election. In particular, we want to know your stance on the following questions:
    1. Would you seek to repeal and/or amend the current law to ban ‘conversion therapies’? [The Sexuality and Gender Identity Conversion Practices Bill 2020]
    2. Would you support a private Members bill to restrict On-Line gambling advertisements?
    3. Will you accept federal funding and implement a chaplaincy program in schools?
    4. Would you support retaining gender on birth certificates and other government ID documents?

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