Podcast #33: Council elections in South-East Queensland


Ben is joined again by Alexis Pink from 4ZZZ to discuss elections for the councils surrounding the City of Brisbane: Gold Coast, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Logan and Sunshine Coast.

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  1. I spent half of day working Woodford Pre Poll for an independent Mayoral Candidate. NIce pleasant booth with good interaction between all poll workers.

    I heard that Caboolture PRe poll was chaotic and that big changes would be made tomorrow. I am not sure what changes will be. Effectively the problem is Demand greater than Supply

    FOrtunately I am back at Woodford. Woodford is a small COuntry TOwn formerly a farming town but recently becoming a dormitory suburb of Brisbane. Everyone knew each other and was friendly. Main industry outside of retail is a Prison Farm.

    Most of candidates issued JUst Vote 1 How To Votes.

    Confusion existed about Preferential voting requirements. Initially booth workers were falsely under impression that requirements differed between Councillor and Mayor ballot papers. I was not prepared to answer questions from members of public. I have since established that a voter for Councillor and Mayor need only number 1 Box to cast a valid vote but can continue to number as many as they like. ECQ pre election material not clear on this.

  2. Queensland should have a council for convicted criminals only, just for old times sake for all those imprisoned mayors to duke it out.

  3. Dropped into Beerburrum Rd Pre pool on way back home this afternoon. Utter Chaos
    Candidate Reps fighting with ECQ, shopkeepers abnd each other,
    Shopkeepers fighting with ECQ and Candidate Reps.
    ECQ fighting with Candidates and Shopkeepers. Voters fighting with everyone.
    This is by far the worst selected venue I have ever set eyes on. Insufficient parking in first place, Traffic Lights prevent U turns in Qld, combine this with current environment and you have a recipe for chaos.

  4. Hey Ben
    You mentioned candidates in the council election being required to declare their political affiliations. Could you please link that here. I am specifically trying to find the partisan affiliations of the Tablelands Regional Council. Thanks much

  5. Moreton Bay election is the dirtiest election I have ever experienced
    Yesterday flyer distributed in North Lakes alleging corruption. Flyer not authorised and most candidates have condemned. ALP local MLA Chris Whiting has come out in support of Mayoral Candidate Peter Flannery who was defamed by anonymous pamphleteer. Whiting has stated that Flannery is honest trustworthy and hard working. The field for Mayor consists of 5 independent candidates
    Cr Peter Flannery who I am supporting
    Cr Adrian Raedel who currently has court cases pending , if elected he will immediately be suspended until after Court cases finalised
    Dean Teasdale a local Real Estate agent from a family that have stood many times previously.
    Chris Thompson not a great deal know about him- Pleasant enough on pre poll but has not started well by promising not to hand out HTV and is doing so.
    Eric Shields a Resident Action Group activist .
    Three top runners are Flannery Raedel
    and Teasdale. Flannery manning most pre polls but Raedel manning Woodford and Caboolture, Shields and Teasdale Manning D Bay and Caboolture .
    As I said yesterday Caboolture Pre poll is the most chaotic booth I have seen in 51 years of elections. Parking is horrendous, behaviour of volunteers below standard of other pre polls. Police threatened one of them with an official warning. Shopkeepers furious. Site is totally unsuitable for volume of voters and a dozen candidates. No public toilets. This should be an absolute mandatory requirement for a polling booth. I am very glad I told my candidates campaign manager that I would prefer not to do Caboolture.
    I said I would not do Brisbane City Hall a statewide booth also chaotic with no parking. Preferred not to do Caboolture andd was happy to do Woodford , Deception Bay, Redcliffe or Bribie. Fewer Pre polling stations than Federally none in Burpengary or Morayfield. Morayfield did 1200 votes a day during Federal elrction
    But so far estimate for Woodford for three days about 1200.

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