Nominations close in Brisbane City and Bundamba


Nominations closed for Queensland’s local government elections, as well as the Bundamba state by-election, on Wednesday. These elections will be held on March 28, along with the Currumbin by-election, whose nominations were declared earlier.

In this post I thought I might quickly run through who is running in Brisbane City and elsewhere.

Labor and the LNP are the only parties running everywhere in Brisbane City Council. The Greens are running in 25 out of 26 wards, opting out of Doboy. Two other parties are running a lord mayoral candidate and one ward candidate. Animal Justice is running in Tennyson, while the Motorists Party is running in Deagon.

There are also 7 independents running for council, and four running for lord mayor.

The three big parties are each close to gender parity in terms of their council candidates. Labor is running 13 men and 13 women. The Greens are running 15 women and 10 men, and LNP is running 14 men and 12 women.

There are just two candidates running in Doboy. Most wards (18 out of 26) have three candidates each: Labor, LNP and Greens. There are five wards where a fourth candidate is running, and two with five candidates. There are nine candidates for lord mayor.

I have posted a dataset of all Brisbane City candidates here. I’ve also updated my candidate lists on each ward guide, as well as my guide to the Lord Mayoral race. You can find them all here.

There are four candidates in Bundamba, representing Labor, the LNP, One Nation and the Greens. This is the same combination of candidates as are running in Currumbin.

I don’t have much to say about other councils’ nominations right now, but I’ll be recording a podcast next week which will cover a number of the other large councils around Brisbane.

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