Brisbane City 2020 – candidate update


I published my Brisbane City Council election guide at the end of 2019 and have been focused on other work since then, but I’ve returned to the topic to do an update of the candidates who are running, which I have published for you to view.

Nominations close next Wednesday, March 4, and so far I have identified 61 council candidates and three for Lord Mayor.

This includes 23 Labor candidates, 22 LNP candidates and 13 Greens candidates, as well as three independents. I would expect all three parties to run a full slate of 26 candidates.

Those independents include sitting independent councillor Nicole Johnston, as well as sitting councillor Kate Richards, who won her Pullenvale ward as an LNP candidate in 2016. Richards was referred to the Crime and Corruption Commission by her former party in December, and was dumped as the party’s candidate at the same time.

At the moment I am missing Labor candidates in Chandler, Pullenvale and Walter Taylor. These three wards are amongst the five safest LNP wards in the city, and in two cases the ALP candidate failed to poll in the top two in 2016.

I am missing LNP candidates in the Forest Lake, Moorooka, Morningside and Tennyson wards: all held by Labor or independent councillors.

All three parties are close to gender parity with their candidates. The LNP is running twelve women and ten men, while Labor is running eleven women and twelve men. The Greens are running seven women and six men.

You can view the dataset here. I will make one final update following the close of nominations next week. I have included the website links for each candidate in the spreadsheet. I will make no further updates of links after my post-close-of-nominations update, so if there is a better link please let me know soon. I will only post pages which are specifically for that one candidate, and will prefer your own website over a Facebook page.

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  1. “The LNP is running twelve women and ten men, while Labor is running eleven women and twelve men. The Greens are running seven women and six men.”

    Yeah but, how is the breakdown of “winnable” seats? For example the greens have 1 incumbent who is a man and then the Paddington, Central, Coorparoo and Walter-Taylor candidates are all women (and the mayoral candidate, though she can’t win). I believe those are the 4 seats they are pushing hardest in, though I expect them to gain maximum of 2 (although Walter-Taylor with no Labor candidate would be interesting).

    I recall in analysis of federal races that the LNP are ok at running women candidates, but mostly in unwinnable and marginal seats.

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