Coming soon: the book of the election


I have a chapter coming up in Morrison’s Miracle, which is the definitive book covering every aspect of the 2019 federal election.

My chapter will cover the results in the House of Representatives, as I did in the 2016 election book Double Disillusion.

This book is the seventeenth book in a series which has been the definitive academic take on most federal elections in my lifetime.

The book will be out in the middle of this year so please keep an eye out.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be publishing a number of posts focusing on particular points of analysis in my book chapter.

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  1. Sounds Interesting Ben. Trust you will address the effect of over $1 Billion of “grants” of various names, overwhelmingly used for election purposes, especially in marginal seats. Looking forward to your preview posts!

  2. Pollbludger has already done some work on the impact of sports grants on election outcomes & the result was basically zero impact – grants make politicians feel good but have little impact overall on voting

    “When polling booth and sport grants data are aggregated into 2288 local regions designated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there turns out to be no correlation whatsoever between the amount of funding they received and how much they swung to or against the Coalition.

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