Guide to Brisbane City Council 2020 – now up


I have just finished my first full seat guide since the federal election, and it covers the Brisbane City Council election, due on March 28.

Brisbane City is the largest council in Australia by quite a long way and in some ways more resembles a small state election than a council election. The guide includes comprehensive guides to all 26 wards as well as the lord mayoral election.

Read the guide now

I will be providing some more coverage of this election, starting with a podcast about the election going up tomorrow.

There’s going to be a bunch of elections held next year, a bunch of them with lower profiles but still important. This includes local government elections along the entire east coast as well as both territories, and finally the state election in Queensland. I plan on doing full guides to the larger NSW councils as well as the territory and state elections. A lot of these elections don’t receive anywhere near as much coverage as they warrant so I hope the work I am doing to prepare for these elections will prove particularly useful.

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You can see the map of Brisbane City and navigate to each ward’s guide via the following map.

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