New dataset – upper house votes from South Australia


It may have taken about 500 days to be published, but the Electoral Commission of South Australia finally published the complete statistics report for the 2018 state election two weeks ago, on July 31. This report was the first place to include the upper house vote count broken down by seat and by polling place.

This has allowed me to finally complete my dataset for the 2018 South Australian election. The dataset includes upper house and lower house results (including two-candidate-preferred figures) at the seat and booth level, as well as candidate lists, a summary of the turnout by electorate and a list of polling places. This is all available in my data repository. ECSA has also published the upper house booth results here, but their data is much less flexible than mine, being broken into separate documents for each seat.

As a demonstration of what can be done with this data, I’ve put together the following map which shows the upper house primary vote by booth for the three biggest parties: Liberal, Labor and SA Best, as well as a colour-coded map showing which of these parties won the vote in each booth.

If you find this dataset useful, bear in mind that I also have the equivalent dataset for the 2014 election which is available to those who sign up as Patreon donors.

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