Podcast #23 – Federal election first week


Ben is joined by Shaun Ratcliff and Paddy Manning to discuss the latest federal polls, seats where independents are challenging the Coalition, and the conclusion of the NSW upper house count.

Thanks to 2SER radio in Sydney for the use of their studio.

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  1. A senior person from the AEC was on ABC Radio Melbourne this morning and they were discussing the rules for voting and for early voting for Commonwealth elections you just cant go and vote early without a reason. Don’t say “I don’t like queuing”. The best answer is to say “I am unavailable to vote on election day”. and that’s it. They cant quiz you why or what you are doing in election day so just say “I am unavailable in election day”.

  2. i noted on the scrutiny handbook they left out an example of when a voter simply numbered one box with the numeral “1”
    it used be that the intention of the voter is clear but now the interpretation is far from clear.

  3. If you’re talking about federal elections and the House of Representatives, then a simple ‘1’ only is most definitely informal. It’s not at all unclear.

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