NSW 2019 – join the conversation


One of the most fun parts of this website in the lead-up to an election is the comments on each seat guide. Every seat guide has its own comment section where you can discuss that electorate and what is going on.

I thought it would be interesting to identify which electorates have the most comments, which gives an insight into which seats are most of interest. A number of these seats are marginal, but it also includes some safe seats where a conversation was sparked for some reason. East Hills is miles ahead in the lead.

There are also eleven seats where there haven’t been any comments so far: Canterbury, Davidson, Fairfield, LakembaMacquarie Fields, Mount Druitt, Swansea, Sydney, The Entrance, Willoughby and Wyong.

Most of these are reasonably safe but there’s a couple of surprises on the list.

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