NSW 2019 – help the State Library collect election materials


This morning’s blog post focused on the how-to-votes being handed out on pre-poll. I’ve collected a bundle of how-to-votes, as well as some other leaflets and letters I’ve received in my local electorate of Parramatta. I’m sure I’m not the only person building up a little collection.

So what should we do with these materials when we’re done with them?

I’d recommend sending them to the State Library of New South Wales to add to their collection of election ephemera.

The State Library is collecting physical ephemera of the election, including printed materials. You can mail your materials to the address in the above tweet, and there’s more information in the above link. I’ve also been told that materials can be dropped off at the info desks in both State Library buildings if you are in the area and don’t want to deal with the postal system.

If readers collect the materials you receive in your mailbox, get handed on a street corner and receive at your local polling place, they can get a much more thorough collection for the archives.

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  1. From Monday, ECNSW will have all REGISTERED election material (including HTVs) on a public website (can’t find the URL). Unregistered stuff (such as Early Voting HTVs) will still have to be collected by hand (if the library wants PAPER -very few libraries do these days)

  2. That only covers things handed out on election day, and doesn’t necessarily reflect what is printed and handed out, and yes they do want paper materials – that’s what ephemera is. If you click through to the link on the State Library website they have a list of what they want.

  3. Yes – quite so. Not all ephemera is paper though-although airsickness bags are (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ephemera) … and people actually collect them (empty, hopefully). What I want to see are the election fridge magnets!

    I have a collection of National and State Tallyroom passes – perhaps they’ll take those?

  4. No, not all ephemera is paper. But it is a physical object. So a how-to-vote on a PDF needs to be turned into paper to be ephemera!

    I do think it is relevant to note that parties will register every HTV they would *consider* handing out on a booth, which is not the same as what is actually printed and distributed.

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