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We’re now just over two weeks out from the NSW state election, and probably ten weeks away from the federal election, and this website is kicking up a gear. I’m posting fortnightly podcasts, I’ve started doing regular blog posts every couple of days, and maintaining over 250 separate comments threads under state and federal seat guides.

I wouldn’t be able to keep this up without the support of the 89 donors who have committed to support this work financially. But I’m looking to boost these numbers a bit during this busy time.

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You can support the Tally Room on Patreon from just $1 USD per month. If you contribute $5 USD or more per month then you’ll get access to the full data repository as well as regular updates about the work I am doing.

I have also added some new goals to my Patreon page. In particular I have added a stretch goal for a new post-election project. I am planning to do a new podcast on elections history. This would involve one episode for each election, starting with the 1901-1914 period in Australian politics. I may then continue in a chronological style or jump around covering other interesting elections at all levels of government. I’m taking inspiration from Mike Duncan’s Revolutions podcast with it’s one-person-with-a-mic chronological storytelling style.

This will be a big time commitment to do properly and regularly, since I’ll want to read thoroughly about each topic and try to ensure the content is well-sourced and factual. It’ll be more work than my current podcast. So I’m aiming to get to 150 donors to cover this podcast while continuing to maintain the seat guides and other coverage I do on this website.

If these projects interest you, please think about signing up.

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