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We’re now less than five weeks away from the NSW state election, and I have just finished updating the candidate lists for my NSW state election guide, as well as updating the equivalent lists on my federal election guide.

As usual I have shared these lists of candidates as Google spreadsheets, which you can view here:

Thanks to Nick Casmirri, who has done a great deal of research work to find candidates, as well as everyone who has posted a comment on a seat guide.

These lists are of course works in progress, with candidates continuing to reveal themselves up until nominations close on March 6.

374 candidates have been announced for the NSW state election, which is an average of just over 4 candidates per seat. There are 8 announced candidates in Penrith, and there are only two announced candidates in nine seats.

Labor has announced candidates in ninety seats, the Greens in 81 seats, there are a total of 80 coalition candidates, and the Animal Justice Party are running 42. There are also 18 Shooters, Fishers and Farmers candidates and One Nation and the Christian Democratic Party have each announced nine candidates.

There are also 39 independents running. The Greens have had a number of candidates withdraw from both the federal and state elections. While there have been grand claims of independent candidates running on a ticket supporting former Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham, the only ex-Green independent I’ve identified is Sally Townley in Coffs Harbour.

In terms of gender balance, women make up 47.8% of Labor candidates, 43.2% of Greens candidates and 30% of coalition candidates. 69% of Animal Justice Party candidates are women, compared to only 16.7% of Shooters, Fishers and Farmers candidates.

We’ve also identified 385 federal candidates. This includes six candidates in Eden-Monaro, and five candidates in five other seats. There are 28 seats where we’ve only identified one candidate.

There are also ten sitting MPs who haven’t clarified if they’re running. This includes Emma Husar and Jane Prentice, who both lost their major party preselection but have not ruled out running as independents, and crossbenchers Andrew Wilkie and Bob Katter who don’t need to go through typical preselections. The other six on this list are all WA Liberal MPs: Ian Goodenough, Steve Irons, Nola Marino, Ben Morton, Melissa Price and Ken Wyatt.

Labor has announced 137 candidates, and the coalition has announced 101. The Greens have announced 97, while One Nation has only announced ten candidates.

Women make up 40.9% of Labor candidates, 41.2% of Greens candidates and only 21.8% of coalition candidates.

        I’ll be back with another update closer to the NSW close of nominations, and if I’ve missed any candidates please

let me know

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  1. Hello.

    You might want to remove Julie Bishop as the Liberal Party candidate for the seat of Curtin, given the news of 21 February.

    Also, will you be publishing a list of the candidates for the senate seats?

  2. Bret Busby – Julie Bishop is still the MHR for Curtin until the election though. A great PM that we never had unfortunately.

  3. Brett Bushy – Why only pick on Julie Bishop as there were many MHR’s and Senators who are leaving Parliament at the next election?

  4. Adrian Jackson – I was not “picking on” Julie Bishop.

    I was merely seeking to have the list of candidates for the upcoming election, updated.

    I am not a Liberal Party supporter – I think they should be put up against a wall, and shot – but, Julie Bishop was the most suitable replacement for Malcolm Turnbull as prime minister, and, when he was made prime minister, she would probably have been a better choice for prime minister, tham him.I think it disgusting that, when she did nominate for the position of prime minister, all of the WA liberal party members of the feral parliament, voted against her, showing that, amongst other things, apart from them making clear that the most suitable choice for the job, did not have their support, they clearly wanted to make sure that no-one from WA would become prime minister. And, the liberal party made it clear that they oppose having a female liberal party prime minister.

    I hope that no liberal party candidate from WA, is elected to the feral parliament, in the upcoming feral election, and, if we had a less undemocratic system, ALL of the senators in the feral parliament, would have their seats vacated at every election of the lower chamber, like the senators for the ACT and NT, whose seats are vacated at each lower chamber election.

    I hop that someone reminds the public, that all of the WA members of the feral parliament, in both chambers, voted against Julie Bishop in the selection of Malcolm Turnbull’s replacement as prime minister, and that the p[ublic are reminded, both for this election, and, when the protected senators (Corman and Cash), face election.

  5. Bret Busby’s advocacy of shooting of Liberal Party MP’s is unacceptable.
    If he is incapable of expressing himself in less violent way he should not be heard.
    Tally Room has a higher standard of debate than Facebook and Bret Busby’s outburst of revolutionary violence advocacy must be suppressed. Note I said words need to be suppressed not Bret himself.

  6. Reenie Henderson – your facebook web page and your request for inclusion in the list of candidates, seems to be missing one vital item of information at this stage, and, it should be included each time that you state that you are a candidate for the senate; for which state/territory?

    Oh, and, regarding the proposition that members of the parliament should have their pay cut by 50%, I see no reason why the base salary for a backbencher, should be greater than the median income for all people iover the age of 18 years, in Australia – after all, no qualifications or experience are required, to become a member of the parliament, and, they would be less aloof from the plebs.

    Just a thought…

  7. Andrew Jackson -and anyone else of similar intent – Bret Busby does not, and, did not, advocate “shooting of Liberal Party MP’s”.

    If you seek to do it, that is not advocated by me.

    I do not advocate the use of firearms against humans (or, against species of aliens that nest in the parliaments, and are classified as members of parliaments).

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