Podcast #15 – Victorian election results


Ben spoke to Paddy Manning from the Monthly and Stewart Jackson from the University of Sydney about the results of Saturday’s Victorian state election, including a focus on the Greens’ performance and preferences in the upper house.

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  1. In many seats there is a direct correlation between the increase in Animal Justice Party and the decline in the Green vote. There are also a range on seats where the Greens do not usually do well that have seen noticeable increases for them – St Albans 3.0%, Broadmeadows +2%, Ringwood 2.6%, Rowville 2.3%, Mildura +1.9, Evelyn +2.7%

  2. When does the lower house/absentee/postal vote get counted. Still one third/quarter of the vote to be counted and some electorates have very thin margins.

    Sandringham, Nepean, Mount Waverley, Mildura, Benambra, Morwell, Ripon, Hawthorn, Bayswater, Brunswick and Prahran are among the seats yet to be decided with a margin off <0.9%

    Pity most of these votes will fall to the libs though, sigh

  3. Darren
    Why have other parties not improved their performance. No one has mentioned polling station behaviour, Manning and very little info on attendance at individual early polling centres.
    It seems to me that Liberals have a decided advantage because they have superior campaigning tactics.
    I know Liberals have outperformed every candidate I have supported in respect to postal and pre polling/ early voting.

  4. Very interesting that you got the inside goss on bipartisan support for LegCo voting reform (i.e. killing off the GTV). We can only hope 🙂

  5. Wanderwest, I grew up in Albion which is in the St Albans electorate. Over the past few years Albion and parts of Sunshine are undergoing gentrification. At the 2014 state election the Greens got 14% of the vote in the Albion booth, the 2016 Federal election the Greens received 17% this state election the Greens received 20%.
    Albion is in Gellibrand at Federal level and thus hidden within other areas such as Williamstown, Yarraville and West Footscray, where the Greens vote is already high.

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