Wentworth election day open thread


Polls have just opened in the federal by-election in the seat of Wentworth in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. I’ll be back at 6pm to cover the results, but until then enjoy this open thread.

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  1. It all hinges on whether the LNP’s last minute scare campaign and rolling out people from a bygone era (John Howard) has worked. We’ll see tonight.

  2. Its pretty clear Phelps will win, The question is by how much? Will she win 55-45 like recent polls, Or will she do even better after the recent gaffs? Will the John Howard and Morrison warnings play into this and make it slightly closer?

  3. I’ll be interested to see what signals are being given through preferences to Minot and secondary parties.

    Labor running a stoic campaign to not embarrass itself is a lot easier than the Liberals running a campaign to show progressive yet traditional small “l” liberal values

    If there are lessons from this campaign, the components in the Liberal party who hold far right conservative views (Patterson, Abetz, Abbott, etc., ) are unlikely to be open minded enough to hear them and chance from hearing those views.

  4. Daniel
    It’s true Phelps is the favourite , but anything could happen. The main reason she is, is the sophistication, & informed nature of this electorate. This will, i believe be demonstrated by the high voter turnout. On balance i can’t see how Wentworth will pass up the opportunity to hand the govt a thrashing

  5. Adrian Have you been to bed yet? When Antony Green called result I agreed with him but since then have changed my mind. What was it John Maynard Keynes said about changing circumstances?

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