Super Saturday open thread


Polls have now opened in three of the five Super Saturday by-elections, and polls will open in Western Australia in just over an hour.

Feel free to use this post as an open thread to discuss the day. I’ll be back with another post for the results at 6pm AEST.

I’ll be at a friend’s wedding tonight so will only be posting intermittently. Don’t expect me to be first with the latest booth. Quality over quantity will be my approach tonight.

Of course I will do some wrap-up blogging on Sunday, and I’ll also be appearing on Buzzfeed’s twitter show on Sunday at 11am so please tune in. I’ll be recording a special episode of the podcast later on Sunday and hope to get it out the same day, but it should at least be available for your Monday morning commute.

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  1. Took a stroll through the Leederville area in Perth this morning, The Greens and Labor each had about 5 volunteers at the TAFE campus I walked past, there was also a couple of signs for independants and such. Not much activity outside of the booth.

  2. Tipping Labor to hold both Braddon and Longman; swing away from them in the former, towards them in the latter.

    Gonna be fun!

  3. I visited 2 polling booths in Mayo this morning. What stands out ?
    1: The number of black hued corflutes implying that Rebekha Sharkie is a stooge of Bill Shorten & the ALP. NOT very clever campaigning as all Mayo folk know Rebekha Sharkie is a local in Mayo – unlike Georgina Downer who is the Fly In Cuckoo from Melbourne. And we know the truth : her voting record shows that she has voted against the ALP as often as she has with the government.But the Liberals operate on the belief tat if they can tell a big lie often enough, people will believe it.
    2: The number of Young Liberals at the booths is astounding. They have been flown & bused in from all over Australia. But we Mayo locals know them as ‘foreigners’ parachuted in here to overwhelm local opinion.

  4. Victoria is not having any bi-election as Victorian MP’s, on the whole, are smarter and superior that those in other states.

    Melbourne is the worlds most livable city for 7 years in a row and will be larger that Sydney in a few decades.

  5. I just watch the two main candidate in Mayo speaking on ABC TV. The ABC said Downer is the daughter of a former federal Liberal leader but he was briefly a failed Liberal leader and was soon replaced in Canberra. I my view he is a war criminal for his part in invading Iraq without justification.

  6. I think Labor holds all their seats today. Braddon only just, while Longman is very unpredictable. The exact primary votes matter as I expect One Nation preferences to flow at 60 to 65% to the LNP. If LNP vote holds at 37 or 38% they only need to be within 1.5% of Labor before preferences. If at 35 or 36 then they need to be even closer.

    Pretty hard to call but I think Labor holds.

  7. Longman could go either way but hoping for a Labor win. Much more confident that Braddon will stay with Labor. The other three should easily be held by NXT in Mayo and Labor in Perth and Fremantle.

    Looking forward to seeing what happens in Braddon in particular.

  8. Adrian – yes you are right, completely slipped my mind when writing that comment.

    Good results for Labor tonight so far.

  9. Zac – yes good for ALP.

    Downer being an IPA fellow traveler has not helped her. The IPA is not much different from the old British Union of Fascists from before WW2.

    We want sensible small L policies from the Liberal and progressive policies from the ALP.

    The more MP’s in the cross bench the better in my view too.

    However with large pre-polling and portals that are yet to counted the result will be different in numbers but not so in the final results over all.

  10. Shocking result in Longman for the LNP, Braddon seems to have stayed the same since the last election, which isn’t surprising.

    Labor appear to have dropped to 4th place in Mayo as well.

  11. Really bummed about Longman and particularly Mayo (big Downer family/IPA fan) – hopefully Downer will run again sometime, maybe she can run in Sturt when Pyne retires?

    And even though he’s far too wet for my liking, I hope the Liberals don’t knife Turnbull – don’t want a re-run of Rudd/Gillard/Rudd, and I don’t want a ’72-esque Labor win to become a ’43-esque blowout.

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