NT election day open thread


Voters are now at the polls in the Northern Territory to elect a new Legislative Assembly after four tumultuous years of Country Liberal Party rule. The limited polls we’ve seen suggest Labor will sweep back into power.

I’ll be doing a liveblog tonight. In the meantime you can read my recent article about the NT election at Guardian Australia, and read the Tally Room guide, which includes profiles of all 25 seats. You can click through to seat guides on the map below:

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  1. Going for a (well-deserved) 3 seat slaughtering of the CLP. From what I’ve seen, maybe too optimistic!

  2. Presumably enough seats will fall in Darwin and Palmerston alone to give Labor an absolute majority.

    Harder to predict are the remote seats. You would think, being former heartland seats, they would all revert back to Labor. But who knows how entrenched the incumbents are.

    Alice Springs might also be unusually interesting.

    I’ll have a stab…

    ALP 19
    CLP 4 (Araluen, Braitling, Katherine, Spillett)
    Ind 2 (Goyder, Nelson)

  3. Adam Giles making a very gracious and positive concession speech. Said “It’s been a thumping”. Turnbull could learn from it. So far 2 CLP 15 LABOR 3 INDEPENDENTS and 5 yet to be called. Polished off his speech eith a sip of beer.

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