Candidate update


I’ve gotten a number of queries from people asking why their particular favoured candidate on the website. I thought I would just explain my current process, and invite readers to help me complete my dataset.

I’ve learnt from past campaigns that candidates will gradually trickle in, and I usually will prioritise everything except for candidate lists when I’m writing my seat guides – if I had delayed finishing my guide to go back and add more candidates to the first seat guides, I would have had to do it all over again.

I apologise if you’re annoyed that your preferred candidate is missing from the guide. I haven’t been comprehensive in tracking down every candidate, but I have consulted the Wikipedia list and Antony Green’s guide before posting each guide.

While I haven’t been updating seat lists for most seat guides, I have been keeping a document listing every candidate, as well as their website address. This allows me to quickly update each seat’s list, including candidate links, when I get to that point.

I have finished publishing the 150 House of Representatives guides, and I’ve now published five out of eight Senate profiles. I’m planning to update candidate lists over the coming weekend, and then do one last update after nominations are declared on Friday.

You can view my candidate dataset here.

If you’re aware of any candidates I am missing, or can give me a more appropriate website link to use for that candidate, please send me an email.

When I am selecting the website link to use I prioritise in this order:

  1. Individual campaign website
  2. Individual profile on party website
  3. Public Facebook page

I won’t link to Twitter accounts, generic party websites or a single page listing multiple candidates. If you are a candidate and have a more appropriate page to link to, please let me know. I am unlikely to make any further updates to candidate links after the round of updates which will follow the official declaration of nominations.

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