New Guardian blog, and guide update


Things have been quiet here for the last few weeks but a lot of things are still happening.

I’ve started a regular column writing for the Guardian Australia.

You can read my first two columns at these links:

I’ll be writing for the Guardian regularly during the election, but I will still be writing here from time to time when I have stuff to write.

Right now I am focusing most of my spare time on the election guide. I’ve now gotten maps completed for two-thirds of all federal seats, and as of last night I have started posting election guides for each seat.

You can now read the first two for Petrie and Capricornia, both very marginal LNP seats in Queensland. Please comment and engage in the conversation. You’ll be able to see the newest seat guides in the little box on the right of the website, or navigate alphabetically, by state, or by clicking through from the pendulum.

I plan to post these guides very fast – hopefully three or four every day. So keep an eye out. Closer to the election I will highlight interesting guides, but right now I’m just planning to get them out as quickly as possible.

Please let me know if you notice any errors, and if you know of any candidates I’ve missed – I won’t be thoroughly searching for candidates at this stage.

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  1. Hello Ben

    Can I put in a bit of self promotion here???

    I think I can lay some claim to inventing the aggregation of polls method – I used it to preciselyy predict, (in the Financial Review- “History Shows that Polls Don’t Lie”) the results of the 1996 Federal Election. Tim Dodd, the Editor, was so pleased that he put me on the staff. It never went very far, but I still have 43 cents of accrued superannuation with the paper! It was pure luck, though caused mainly by the flat-lining of the TPP over a year. I was never able to do it again.

    Geoff Lambert

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