North Sydney by-election – December 5


northsydney1-LIBThe by-election for Joe Hockey’s seat of North Sydney has been scheduled for Saturday 5 December.

I’ve now posted the guide to the by-election, which is likely to see Liberal candidate Trent Zimmerman elected to finish Hockey’s term.

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  1. The Greens should finish second, even if Labor had run a candidate I would have thought the Greens would have beaten them into second, henceforth the major reason that they didn’t enter the race.
    It will also be interesting how the Lib Dems will go with the whole name confusion thing with the Liberal party, like when they polled 9% in NSW for the Senate.

  2. Liam
    I hope not. They have no chance of winning the seat. OTOH there is a very slight chance N Sydney could go it’s proven independent way. here is a copy of my letter to the LDP. Even a significant swing might send a message to ALL political parties.
    I am a resident in Middle Cove. It is delightful to have the opportunity to vote for Sam Kennard on dec 6. I would like to volutnteer to door knock locally, & man the booth at North Willoughby on dec 6. I have lived in my house for 22 years & know many people in the area.
    IMO this by- election ought to be about 1 single & overarching issue. That is, politicians capriciously breaking their contract with their constituents, & not serving their full term. Hockey, & North Sydney embodying this reality perfectly. Instead of the nation paying $.1.5 million for a politicians new career choice, perhaps it ought to be paid from said politician’s retirement benefits ??. This must be a compelling issue for voters of all persuasions, who are fed up with political self indulgence.
    If you are sympathetic to this view, may i suggest you adopt this policy as quickly, & publically, as possible. May i request that this email is forwarded

  3. The Lib Dems should get over 5 % probably more. Stephen Ruff is a real chance, endorsed by the very popular former MP Ted Mack and should get his lions shares of preferences from the Greens, due to his stances on state issues he seems to campaigning on. As well, many Liberal voters seem to be disgruntled by the preselction process and many could swing to the next best alternative and with this comes a swathe of personel and money. This could get interesting considering he attained 10% in North Shore with what I understand to be minimal campaigning.

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