NSW 2015 – sixteen days out


This is an open thread for the NSW election, where you can discuss the election at large. Comment threads are open for each individual seat to discuss that local race.

We’re now in the third-last week of the NSW state election campaign.

We saw one poll last week: a Reachtel poll which gave 53% of the two-party-preferred vote to the Coalition and 47% to Labor.

This appears to be the first Reachtel NSW poll in a while, but compares to February polls for Newspoll Galaxy, and Roy Morgan giving the Coalition two-party-preferred figures of 54%, 53% and 55.5% respectively.

In other news, I was on FBI’s Backchat again last Saturday to discuss some key races involving minor parties and independents, including the Legislative Council. I will be on Backchat every Saturday between now and election day. You can listen to the segment below:

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