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At this point, we’ve basically reached the conclusion of the Queensland election coverage. Despite the hysterics from the Courier-Mail and Lawrence Springborg, Labor has won the election and should be expected to form government shortly with the support of Peter Wellington.

If there is a Ferny Grove by-election, I’ll return to do coverage of that by-election, but in the meantime this website is shifting focus to New South Wales.

In order to get my New South Wales guide ready to go in time for the March 28 election I’m not going to be posting much over the course of the next week – I’m now finishing maps for the last five seats, but in about a week you should start to see seat profiles popping up on the site.

You may also have noticed the problems with the website on the Queensland election night. Basically the huge surge of visits to the website overwhelmed the server and prevented many visitors (including myself) from reaching the website.

I will be making a change to my hosting arrangements before New South Wales to ensure this doesn’t happen again. I was aware it was a problem, but I was expecting similar problems to those I saw for the Victorian election – when the website was briefly unavailable but was mostly functional. It turned out that the surge of hits was much bigger for Queensland than Victoria. The Queensland state election was the biggest day on the website outside of the last two federal elections.

If you would like to donate to support this website and help cover these costs, you can click on the “buy a subscription” button on the left. Thank you to those people already donating – I’ll be using those donations for this purpose, and it has created a small but steady income to cover basically the costs of running the website in normal times.

You’ll also notice that I’ve started running advertising – if you have a business or product you think would go well being advertised to my audience please get in touch.

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  1. There’s going to be a Gippsland South by-election soon. Will there be coverage? Interesting parallels to Benalla 2000.

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