Another NSW Greens senate candidate


I’m avoiding making personal comment on the worth of particular candidates or using my internal knowledge within the NSW Greens to comment on the Senate preselection, so I’m just restricting myself to posting information easily available on the internet.

In addition to NSW Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon’s announcement that she would resign from the Legislative Council to run for the Senate, another prominent Greens member has announced she is running.

Cate Faehrmann, Executive Director of the Nature Conservation Council and former Greens staffer and candidate, has announced she will stand in the preselection. The announcement appears at the bottom of a page on her blog, where she outlines her history with the Greens for those who may only know her from her NCC role.

Nominations close in just over two weeks.

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  1. @Ben Raue
    NCC ……..You gave me a scare then. I couldnt imagine anyone involved in the NCC having anything to do with the greens.
    That is the 60Year National Civic Council.

    I do think we have seen the greens peak though and 2009 should see the numbers move into decline.

  2. Ziggy – there is no real justification for your assertion that the Greens vote will move into decline in 2009, or even in 2010 (with the next set of elections). Certainly most polls place the Greens at a higher level than in previous years. If we are to consider the position of the remaining State ALP Government’s I would expect left ALP voters to be looking for alternatives. Certainly disillusioned ALP voters could start looking at both the DLP and Greens, but we would need to wait for the SA & Tas elections early next year, then to the Federal and Victorian elections later in the year (depending on when Rudd calls the federal election…) to see what sort of shift.

  3. Don’t vote Green! They are extremist who want massive, crippling taxes and a stagnant economy.

    A vote for Green is just as bad as a vote for the Christian Democrats or One nation

  4. What type of Green is Ms. Faehrmann? is she more a lettuce or a watermelon?

    (it’s okay Ben you don’t need to answer) 🙂

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