Werribee – Victoria 2022

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  1. If a strong Independent runs here Labor could be in serious trouble here, there was an article that Labor are directing resources here as they are worried about loosing here.

  2. @Bob Yes very good chance for independent. I’m not sure if there’s any local issues for this election but last election i believe there was backlash over plans to build a juvenile prison in Werribee South, i believe they moved it further down the road in the end.

  3. @Mark What in particular about that would make him lose his seat, would the policy negatively effect his seat in a certain way that it wouldn’t others. If the policy was that unpopular that it caused that large of a swing a lot more seats would go before this.

  4. Umm @Mark, if that was the case, he would lose the 2018 state where Port of Melbourne was privatized in 2016

  5. @ Marh

    He already had to rely on preferences to carry him in a year where Labor had a 6 pt swing towards them lol

    He’s going to be nervous this year as there will almost certainly be a correction. 2018 was Labor’s high water mark and the environment is nowhere near as favourable to Dan as it was back then.

  6. Garra did pretty well here last time, will he run again? Did he live in Werribee South and get redistributed out or does he work in the community that covers the seat of Point Cook, i was wondering because an ABC article i saw awhile ago it suggested Garra hadn’t decided which seat to run in, as if he had multiple options.

  7. @North East, Garra does have some similarities to Dai Le for being a strong local player in politics (although Garra is a GP), and at this moment is the only equivalent I could find in Victoria

  8. The VicRoads privatisation is a reminder of Labor’s hypocrisy – they scaremonger about the Coalition privatising assets when in opposition, but once in government Labor will desperately do anything to raise money to cover all their extravagant spending. As hypocritical as the policy is I don’t think it will cause Pallas to lose the seat. If he loses it will be due to other factors.

  9. Exactly @Entrepreneurial

    They did the same thing at the 2018 election with health. Jill Hennessy claimed that the Libs “would cut $1b from health, like they did under Napthine”, when in actual fact, Bailieu/Napthine boosted health funding by over $4b over four years.

    The lies that Labor are able to get away with in Victoria are astounding.


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