Tarneit – Victoria 2022

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  1. To put into perspective how different this election will be, the Opposition announced a $100 million plan to build the Wydham A-League Stadium in the Tarneit electorate (17.9% margin) near the border with Kororoit, held on a 24% margin
    Up until recently, I don’t think the Liberal party knew where this electorate was on a map let alone would the opposition leader be campaigning in a seat like this.

  2. Lib internal polling suggests that they are competitive in Tarneit and they have never campaigned here before so I guess they figured it’s worth a shot.

  3. But then again this is the same internal polling that made them think that the whole Katherine Deves culture war stuff was a vote winner.

  4. Hard to believe libs could be competive here.. safe 17% seats exist because of the pro alp demographics. Maybe a very competent independent could win in the right circumstances but this would be Like me winning. The lottery. The idea of social issues persuading some one to vote against their economic issues strange . Especially on a large scale

  5. @ Mick, in terms of the demographics a lot of this area is a growth area where there is higher median income and educational attainment. Its really only Hoppers Crossing that is established working class

  6. Where is this internal polling coming from I really find it difficult to believe that the LNP can knock this massive margin over.


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