South Barwon – Victoria 2022

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  1. A re-run of the Cheeseman-Katos battle from last time. Pitching two uninspiring career politicians against each other. Are they really the best that Labor and Liberal can come up with? Cheeseman will be re-elected on the back of Green preferences. New Armstrong Creek residents are the relatively unknown factor, although at the federal election they favoured Labor and the Greens well-ahead the Liberals. A lack of sufficient transport infrastructure investment by the State government will no doubt be a key issue. Armstrong Creek is still waiting for its long-promised rail line, while the single east-west bus service just doesn’t cut it. The result is car-dependency (and its social and economic costs) and congested arterial roads.

  2. This is the impact of demographic change. Used to be a reliable liberal seat but no more. When there is a change of government in the future .I think .this seat could well be retained by Labor. This becomes the future liberal party problem will not win Bendigo or Ballarat. Or Geelong seats. SO is very hard for them to get a majority

  3. This seat only has a small coastal area left. It is likely a future redistribution would remove the remaining parts of Surf Coast LGA and become a purely Geelong Suburban seat. Although Highton is likely to remain more Liberal leaning than the State as a whole.

  4. Interesting to read the article in The Age identifying South Barwon as a Labor seat at risk. I’m not sure what intel Labor have been getting, but I have no sense in the community of a mood for change to Liberal. A progressive community independent perhaps, but definitely not Liberal. Federally, Corangamite and Corio swung to Labor (2PP) right across the South Barwon region and State Labor have been plowing money into the electorate, through Barwon Heads Rd duplication, new schools and the planned rail duplication and Bellarine Link Rd. Unless the Liberals are about to come out and say they’ll fund and fast-track Armstrong Creek/Torquay rail and a massive overhaul of the bus network across Geelong’s south/Surf Coast, a weak area for Labor, then I can’t see them having any chance.


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