Ringwood – Victoria 2022

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  1. Dustin Halse is retiring so with the lack of his personally vote the LNP could gain this seat, however the margin is big enough for ALP to have a bit of a swing against them so there is a real possibility of them holding on.

  2. Bob
    Not sure how much personal vote that Dustin Halse has built up in one term. Will Fowles the current member for Burwood has been dropped in by the ALP.
    This is now my seat – I am not called Redistributed for nothing!! – both sides have been very quiet since the redistribution.

    There have been some ructions on the Liberal side. See link below.


  3. The Liberal candidate is not particularly great, however Will Fowles doesn’t have the best reputation after the Canberra incident. Parachuting someone from outside the electorate won’t look good but the Liberal candidate also isn’t a local which will hurt them. Still possible Liberal gain.

  4. Both parties preselected parachuted duds here. Goes to show how both parties really need to improve their preselection process. I doubt this will be a Lib gain though since the Labor margin here is higher than other nearby Eastern suburb seats so the Libs would likely be focusing on those with Ringwood being a bonus if things are going their way. The federal election results here also weren’t pretty for the Libs.


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