Narre Warren South – Victoria 2022

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  1. Some large swings against Labor in booths here in the Federal election, some Hampton Park booths had almost a 20% drop in Labor primary votes. Interesting to see what happens in November

  2. Hamish I suspect Liberals will do better in Narre Warren North than here, particularly with no incumbent there.

  3. Liberal could do better than the federal results, as the anti-vax bogan vote would likely flow to the Vic Libs as they are more sympathetic to the anti-vax movement compared to federal Libs

  4. Agree with Adam, Narre Warren North is more affluent than Narre Warren South. Narre Warren North has lost affluent Berwick which has increased the Labor majority but it has gained even more affluent Lysterfield South where there is no booth so the notional majority for Labor in Narre Warren North is inflated for Labor.


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