Mornington – Victoria 2022

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  1. Labor got big swings to it in Mount Eliza which is in Dunkley which would suggest that this electorate could be in play

  2. @Bob Labor also got swings to and against it in different booths in Mount Martha and Mornington and the Mornington booths at the 2022 federal election were a lot better for the Libs than the 2018 state election, meaning the Libs probably had big swings gainst them in Mornington in 2018. The booths for Mount Eliza at fedral averaged 52.78% for Liberal and 56.12% in 2018 so if they replicated that and didn’t get swings against them anywhere it could be close. The only question is whether there’s a reason for that swing to occur. Is there a reason for Mount Eliza to swing against the Liberal at sate like there was at federal level.

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