Kew – Victoria 2022

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  1. I think there’s some talk about this seat moving towards Labor and i think Labor are also hopeful in their chances of the seat although i think it could be one of those examples where the vote increases for the party that holds the seat in the absence of an unpopular incumbent.

  2. Tim Smith has been making some controversial comments lately on issues such as an Indigenous treaty, climate change and the ABC that would more than likely be supported in a socially progressive electorate like this. This area is very ripe for an independent challenger if one emerges, I just don’t think Labor would be able to win this however.

  3. @Ham Tim Smith won’t be representing the Libs at next election. Don’t even know if he’s running.

  4. I heard Tim Smith is actually retiring and not running at this election, following a recent drink driving controversy.

  5. Apologies, I should’ve properly clarified, it was more so the reputation of the Liberal party within the electorate and whether or not a challenger emerges. I still think the Liberal party will retain this but his comments aren’t helping the new Liberal candidate for Kew.

  6. i am actually sad that Tim Smith is retiring he did provide comedy to all of us during the Covid lockdowns. I do personally believe he has the maturity of an 18 year old school boy. He is like a Xavier college student on muck up day.

    More Seriously, i think a Teal will be better challenge to the Libs here.

  7. @Ham Fair enough and you have a point about Tim Smith really not helping the Libs and he should probably shut up if he knew what was good for the party, especially in this area. If he wanted to be a prominent figure in politics he shouldn’t have crashed his car whilst drinking. All i know about the new candidate is that she’s a women and i believe beat David Davis for preselection.


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