Frankston – Victoria 2022

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  1. Labor improved in federal through out Frankston which will be interesting to see if it is repeated in this state electorate.

  2. @Bob Labor improved in Frankston federally but it still seems to be below what they achieved in 2018. Interestingly Frankston North swung against Laobr 4.4%, no idea why. It’s still their second strongest booth in Frankston (with Frankston rail been the highest and having a green vote higher than the Liberal vote).

  3. Frankston does not strike me as a place where the Greens would do particularly well. Perhaps the Lib vote has collapsed so much that the Greens outperformed them on the primaries.

  4. @Dan M On federal results most of the Frankston booths were between 9-13% with the more North you went the lower the green vote. The best booths for them were the Frankston booth with 17.2% and Frankston rail with 20.3%. The lib vote collapsed to 19.1% with a swing of 7.6% against whereas the greens got a swing to them of 3.2%.
    I’m not too familiar with the area but i assume as the booth is near the train station there’s a lot of apartments so probably skews younger.


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