Bulleen – Victoria 2022

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  1. The comments made by guy could hurt him in his own electorate, there isn’t a big buffer this time around

  2. You would have to think he is favoured. But I did see a comment in Menzies that suggests this could be close.

    Guy clearly only cares about power, that is why he unfaithfully removed and backstabbed O’Brien who was clearly doing better. What was the logic of reinstating a leader who lost badly last time? The moment I think Andrews secured an increased majority was Guy’s disastrous pre-election rally the one when he said ”I will be the premier of Victoria for every Victorian” Mate you can’t pledge to be the premier for everyone when your policies will clearly divide the state, and your divisive rhetoric welcoming Peter Dutton to your campaign this year?

    I hope the voters here show him the door, Dutton is unpopular in Eastern-Melbourne and another disastrous election result could mean Peter Dutton losses the leadership to Dan Tehan.

    Labor’s path to 60 seats lies here (and a Brackslide) (if they lose a few seats in western Melbourne and outer-suburban area’s.

  3. On the federal election swings in the area, Guy is at risk of losing his seat. If Labor puts effort in here, which they should to compensate for possible losses in their traditional heartland, I can see them winning here. An announcement to fast track the construction of the SRL to Doncaster would be an easy way to win support in this very politically neglected electorate.

  4. Daniel, there is a different between Matthew Guy and Peter Dutton is that Guy is Right-libertarian with anti lockdown and anti-vax mandate views unlike Dutton who is more national security hawk nationalist. I’ve said in the past thread that Vic Libs is pretty much Right Wing even compared to the federal faction. Guy seems to be Australia’s version of Pierre Poilievre in Canada or Ron Desantis in Florida with all three being anti-mandate populism. In addition, given Poilievre is most likely going to be the next Candaian opposition leader, this may affect the Tories in western countries given alongside Dutton, Australia and Canada will have no moderate alternative in their elections soon.

  5. In addition,I found Toronto’s and Vancouver’s equivalent of Kooyong,Wentworth,etc voted for Justin Trudeau Liberal (centre-left party). Is it because Canada’s Liberal are effectively one mega equivalent of our Teals?

  6. Marh, agree with your last point. I found the Liberal Party of Canada is like the Liberal Democrats (Lib Dems) in the UK – a mostly centrist but somewhat centre right, conservative lite party fitting neatly between Labour and the Conservatives. They would also be considered similar to the Australian Democrats who were dominant during the late 90s and early 00s as a ‘keep the bastards (major parties) honest’ group.

  7. As someone who is a lifelong resident of this seat i do feel that some competition would mean that this seat is not taken for granted. Regarding Rail. I am hoping there is a planning i hope that a proposed Doncaster station on SRL is located in Doncaster Hill near Westfield and the heart of Doncaster and a major activity centre not in at the park and ride which is on the fringe of Manningham. Also there needs to planning that it allows for an interchange for the eventual Doncaster to City rail line. As one railway station for over 100,000 residents in the City of Manningham will lead to a very crowded station and will just lead to crowding on the Ringwood and Hurstbridge lines as city bound commuters use SRL and then interchange to city bound services on the existing rail network. The other new infill stations on SRL such as Monash, Burwood (Deakin) and Bundoora (La Trobe) have railway stations in adjacent areas unlike Manningham. Also Melbourne metro 2 (MM2) is a key enabler for a Doncaster-City Rail line and a new branch to Wollert. I would hope that there is planning money allocated for MM2 and funds allocated to purchase property etc at Doncaster for rail station.

  8. @Marh and Yoh An Tee, I think it’s important to note that the BC state Liberal Party is different from the Ontario state Liberal Party and the federal Canadian Liberal Party. The BC state Liberal party (encompassing Vancouver) is basically the equivalent to the Liberal Party in Australia, as in it’s the major right-wing party whereas the state NDP is the major left-wing party. The federal Liberal Party in Canada is basically like the ALP except it’s more progressive on social issues than economic issues which is a bit like the Teals. Their economic stances are really a hybrid between the ALP and the Libs in Australia. The Ontario state Liberal Party (encompassing Toronto) is similar except that it barely has any seats (7 out of 124 in the Ontario parliament) after losing govt in a wipeout election in 2018. In that state, the NDP functions as the main left-wing party (they’re basically a hybrid between the Greens and the Labor left faction).

    @Nimalan That’s true, it’s pretty ridiculous Manningham is the only LGA in Melbourne with no rail service, probably due to Manningham being historically safe Liberal which is starting to change this year. I would say the SRL alone is not sufficient to service Manningham as a whole and a direct City to Doncaster train line is necessary. Ideally there would be train services in other areas of Manningham too like Bullen, Templestowe Lower and Doncaster East, not just in Doncaster. If there is a decision to build a station in the Park and Ride, it could provide an opportunity to redevelop the park and ride to perhaps have more high density or a shopping mall with more facilities etc. since right now it’s basically just open unused land. That being said, if only one station can be built in Manningham, it must be in Doncaster Hill and connected with Westfield rather than the park and ride.

  9. @John Smith It’s very unlikely that Labor will lose traditional seats in its heartland in this election, sure they may have big swings against them there but most of the seats are on very safe margins. The only two i can think of that are under 10% out west are Werribee (9.2%) which was most likely because of backlash to the jail been built in the area and Melton (5.4%) which had an outgoing member that was found to be gaming the system and then they had a late replacement close to the election that didn’t live in the seat. It’s unlikely that the Libs win either of those seats.

  10. If there’s a swing to the Liberals in northern and western Melbourne, and a swing to Labor in eastern Melbourne, then unless the scale of the former is well into the double digits, the net result is a wipeout of the Liberals.

  11. @Nicholas that’s kind of what happened in the federal election in Vic. The state-wide swing was only 1% to Labor but the Libs lost 4 seats and barely held 2 on a margin of <1% (including some very safe Lib seats that has never been won by Labor). And that's considering Labor already did pretty well in 2019 in Vic and most commentators brushed Vic off as somewhere that Labor could gain many seats.

  12. I’m not a Victorian but I heard that the federal Libs banked on an anti-Dan Andrews campaign all over Melbourne. I even heard that UAP would go hard in safe Labor seats on an anti-lockdown, antivax platform in the western and northern suburbs. I actually thought Dan Andrews would hurt Labor’s federal vote. Too bad for the Libs, the swings happened in safe Labor seats.

    Matthew Guy has at least a 5% margin and I’d be surprised if he loses his seat even based on federal swings (which was probably due to a hatred of Scott Morrison). Like I mentioned in another thread, it is rare for a two-term government to have a net gain in seats at three elections in a row. I’m not sure what the sentiment is out here but I did mention that I’m not Victorian so I can only assume things.

  13. Votante I agree that I think Matthew Guy will hold here – he was as unpopular in 2018 as he is now, and opposition leader both times – so I don’t think the swing against him will be particularly more dramatic.

    Although I think there may be one because this seat includes Doncaster where the SRL may be popular.

    The impact though will be that Guy’s margin of only 5.7% will mean the party will need to dedicate some resources to sandbagging it. They will hold with a reduced margin but probably at the expense of other seats.

    The Libs’ problem here is that they have a LOT of “at risk” seats.

    – 3 seats held by <1% in the inner south where they are the most toxic;
    – 2 seats held by <1% in the outer east, where they suffered 4-5% swings in May;
    – 1 seat held by 1.5%, within the boundaries of Chisholm (8% swing in May);

    Then on top of that, you have affluent east & southeast seats like Kew, Bulleen, Malvern & Warrandyte all held on between 3.9% and 6.6%.

    That's a lot of territory to defend, while trying to make inroads on an electoral map full of double-digit Labor margins with only a handful of winnable seats (Pakenham, Nepean, Hastings, Ringwood, Hawthorn, Melton) and no guarantee they'll win anything other than Pakenham!


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