Box Hill – Victoria 2022

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  1. Liberal preselection has been won by Nicole Werner, a pastor at the Pentecostal megachurch Planetshakers, according to Paul Sakkal of The Age. Among six candidates, she apparently won in the first round with 65/95 votes, an overwhelming level of support.

    You have to wonder how the Liberal Party’s embrace of megachurches plays in a wider electorate. The 2021 WA election suggests it won’t play well. They’re also tied in public consciousness to a Prime Minister who is rapidly losing popularity.

  2. If the Liberals want to be competitive at the November 2022 they would drop Josh Frydenberg in as the candidate here, and put the existing preselected candidate, Nicole Werner, on their upper house ticket for North-Eastern Metro

  3. Frydenberg’s not winning back the voters that left the Liberals for Labor in 2018. He already got deserted by his electorate in 2022. Still probably better than the current candidate but not the answer if they want to be competitive in this seat.

  4. Frydenberg won’t win here, neither can Nicole Werner. The Lib brand is too much on the nose in Vic. To be honest Nicole Werner is one of the better state Lib candidates. Most of them are absolute duds.


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