Florey – SA 2022

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  1. Bedford seems popular so I imagine she’ll hold this until she retries or screws up.

    Labor will probably concentrate more on King,;Newland and Torrens

  2. The interesting thing here is that Florey has traditionally been a Modbury based seat. In two redistributions it’s become completely unrecognisable. Or if it is recognisable, it’s the old Playford, which used to be centred on Ingle Farm. That’s going to make it hard for Bedford; most of the area she represented from 1997 to 2018 is now split between Wright and Newland.

    The Labor member for Playford Michael Brown has announced his intention to run in Florey, as the previous member Jack Snelling intended to do last time. Speaking of Snelling, he’s now part of a newly revived Family First, though apparently he’s not going to be a candidate.


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