Mudgeeraba – Queensland 2024

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  1. Easy LNP retain for Ros Bates – she never stops campaigning here. Having won it off Labor in 09 and going on to retain it easy ever since, she’s now turned it into a safe LNP seat.

    I expect this might be her last term with a likely retirement in 2028.

  2. “cross your legs” is now the latest in a long list of controversies for MP Ros Bates, unsure if this will swing against the LNP over the presumptive trend leading to the state election.

  3. There was nothing wrong with what she said. Labour was just playing politics as usual for political gain.

    I do not believe it was her intention to make it sound inflammatory, And as a woman herself, she would never say such a thing but intent to shame someone’s private life, I refuse to believe it.

    I think it’s going to be Fentiman who’s gonna get the big swing against her and will likely cost her any possibility of her being leader.

    I endorse the LNP to win the state election.

  4. she’s now turned it into a safe LNP seat.


    Mudgeeraba was one of those seats that Labor won in the golden years of the Beattie years what was known as the ‘Beattie Liberals’. It was a matter of not if but when Mudgeeraba came back to the LNP. The fact Labor held this seat for three terms was a accomplishment in itself. The suggestion Bates turned this seat into a safe LNP is giving way too much credit to Bates. In what is a traditionally conservative seat.

  5. Oh thank goodness that Daniel T has endorsed the LNP to win the state election, we were all waiting for his decision with bated breath, as were all the state MPs. And of course a woman would never shame another woman over their private life, that never happens, anywhere.

  6. I don’t think anyone would think this seat was ever in doubt for the LNP. Doesn’t excuse Ros Bates from being completely unhinged and making those sort of crude remarks. It’s not even her first rodeo into it as well. She’s exactly what represents the worst of the LNP.

  7. @PN Beattie seemed to have done well on the Gold Coast but not so much on the Sunshine Coast whereas Palaszczuk was the opposite.


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