Maroochydore – Queensland 2024

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  1. Whilst this seat is an almost guaranteed LNP retain, I wonder if incumbent MP Fiona Simpson (former Speaker and current Opposition frontbencher) may decide to retire this election. She is one of the longest serving state or Federal MPs in the whole country (having served since 1992) and the only woman who has achieved 30+ years of continuous service.

  2. Alternatively, if the LNP are likely to win government then Ms Simpson could decide to serve out one final term with the possibility of being appointed to a Cabinet role, just like long tenured Rob Lucas who served as state Treasurer in SA under Premier Steven Marshall.

  3. @Yoh An – I think this will be Fiona’s last term. She’ll retire after being a Minister.

    She’s had a very successful career, albeit mostly in opposition.

    Easy LNP retain this time.


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