Mansfield – Queensland 2024

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  1. It’s been confirmed on the LNP’s website that LNP by Pinky Singh, a public relations consultant, and LNP’s candidate for McConnel in 2020. Is the LNP’s candidate in the seat of Mansfield. A union poll a couple months ago in Australian had Labor leading here. The poll out today in Courier Mail which had Labor and the LNP statewide at 50-50. Hardly puts doubt in that poll considering the poll confirmed the LNP were doing better in the regions rather then in South East Queensland. Labor Mansfield MP Corrine McMillan with the incumbency advantage would be favored have the edge here.

  2. The problem with contesting in multiple seats is people will not view you as a genuine local. That didn’t matter for Steven Miles or David Crisafulli when they moved electorates, both because they were skilled politicians with experience, and also because they moved to seats that were safe for their party. Pinky Singh may or may not be skilled, but certainly does not meet the other criteria. I predict a Labor hold unless something goes badly wrong.

  3. @Wilson I’ll raise you a counter point, Ali King. ALP Candidate for Maiwar in 2017 (unsuccessful) and then ALP Candidate for Pumicstone in 2020 (successful – now MP). While contesting various seats is a negative, there are various factors determining success, as you touched on a bit too. Classic ones of contesting other seats in other states and being successful include Billy Hughes and Rob Hulls.

    As for Mansfield, while I haven’t sat through all the seats to make predictions yet, I’ll say for now ALP Retain. It’s part of the ‘red wall’ in that southern Brisbane band which has generally stuck to the government of the day since 1983 (except the 2015-2017 and a small 1995-1996 period).

  4. Most likely Labor hold. Corrine McMillan can scrape by. Pinky Singh is a candidate and not an incumbent MP, so people may have no knowledge that she switched from McConnel (Brisbane’s CBD) to the Southside. Seat switching can give opponents some political ammunition though.

  5. I think this seat will easily fall to the LNP. It’s a seat that goes with government and Pinky Singh is working hard.

    Labor MP is very popular locally and has built a strong reputation. It’ll be a seat the LNP will need to sandbag in 2028.

    My prediction is LNP 52.5 TPP.

  6. This seat has many LNP-voting areas like around Rochdale which has a lot of estates.

    LNP gain.

  7. The semi-rural LNP voting estates around Rochedale have been subdivided in recent years, so the majority of voters in the electorate are suburban. It’s mostly a very multicultural middle suburban seat.

    I’m putting it as an LNP gain, but will be close.


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