Hinchinbrook – Queensland 2024

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  1. Dametto, like his friends in Tragear and Hill, should be fairly rusted onto this seat by now.

    On a different topic, I wonder if this seat (and Cook and Whitsunday, to name but two others) will be a candidate for a rename in years to come, given it shares its name with a local council.

  2. given there is a ferry link to Palm Island from Lucinda i dont see why it cant be put into Hinchinbrook

  3. This seat surprised me by being lost in 2017 but even more so in 2020 with the terribly low primary for the LNP (just 25%). They actually had a really good, hardworking candidate in 2020 who seemed to be resonating. Shows how entrenched the KAP is in North Queensland, once they win these seats off the LNP.

    I suspect Dametto will win on primary votes this year.

  4. KAP will easily retain, likely with an increased margin.

    There’s a possibility that One Nation will rerun and both ON and LNP will recover their lost primary votes from their low base of 2020. There’s currently momentum behind the LNP statewide. This would deny Dametto a primary vote majority.


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