Cook – Queensland 2024

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  1. @Scart Labor won’t be winning Maryborough and I doubt they’ll win Mulgrave. Labor will likely only hold two seats outside Brisbane: Gladstone and Ipswich.

  2. I doubt the electorate would hold grudges towards someone who was an ex-Newman Government MP.

    Plenty of MPs from defeated governments have successfully made comebacks. For example, Labor MPs who lost their seats in 2012 but regained them in 2015 include: Cameron Dick, Grace Grace and Di Farmer. Some Federal Labor MPs who lost in 2013 following the Rudd-Gillard era regained their seats in 2016.

    Regarding the Voice results, this is a federal issue. There were indigenous communities that were supportive of Warren Entsch (LNP) but also voted Yes to the voice e.g. Hope Vale and a few others in Cape York. I sense that they may swing away due to Entsch’s retirement and possibly due to the Voice defeat.

  3. @start I think the only seat that they can hold is Gladstone. While they have double digit margins elsewhere after the by elections I don’t think that will save them.

  4. Cook’s too close to call imo. I think Lui seems popular and it’s not a seat with a history of voting LNP. I also think Kempton’s selection was poor.

    I can see the LNP winning seats much higher on the pendulum from Labor but not winning Cook.

  5. I think it’s time to vote Independent! Both ALP and LNP have done nothing for the High Cost of Living in the Cook Electorate over 4 decades since I was born! We are neglected and South East Queensland gets the big $$$ for development and our health is suffering in the far north!!!


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