Kennedy – Australia 2025

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  1. Bob Katter will turn 80 in 2025 and is already the longest-serving present-day parliamentarian. He might retire in 2025 and his son will then quit state politics in 2024 and run federally in 2025.

  2. I was thinking similar although I think he will hold on until 2028 based on what he’s said in the past. This would also provide a fallback for Robbie in 2028 as the federal election will be in May 28’ and QLD Oct ‘28 Robbie will not carry the same personal vote and if he loses he can always recon test Traeger again at the qld election

  3. The 2028 timing would work out for Traeger similarly to Callide last year – resignation from state parliament shortly before the federal election campaign officially begins, by-election about a month after the federal election.

    KAP might decide they need to give Robbie’s replacement more time outside of a federal election period to campaign though!

  4. It is bizarre that the members of two families – the Riordans and the Katters – have held this seat since 1929 (with the exception of Rob Hulls 1990-93 interlude when no Katter ran). It is almost feudal. Robbie Katter is actually the Federal leader so a move to Canberra is more likely than not. Interesting to see what would happen then to the KAP at a state level.

    The other interesting point to note about Bob Katter’s vote since he became an Indie in 2001 is that his vote (with the exception of 2001 and 2010) has moved in a very narrow range of 39 – 42%. It seems that there may be a constant rusted on factor for all the parties there.


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