Senate – Victoria – Australia 2022

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  1. If the Liberal party appoint Greg Mirabella to the senate that would be undemocratic as his wife was defeated in Indi in 2013. the Mirabella brand was rejected and so was Sarah Henderson. Democracy is at huge risk from both major parties appointing defeated MP’s or relatives of defeated MP’s to high political office.

    These are just the dark days of democracy and it would be a dark day if Greg Mirabella is appointed. On my side of politics I am disappointed that they appointed the defeated member for Robertson in 2013 to the senate. This again is undemocratic. The seats should remain vacant until the election and then the people choose the replacement. The same thing happened in Arizona where a defeated candidate was appointed to the senate. There needs to be a constitutional change to ban these appointments from being made to save democracy.

    The liberals could lose the 3rd seat if Greg Mirabella is pre-selected and Labor could win 3 seats.

  2. What on earth are you on about Daniel? Most people do not view the Senate as a race between individual candidates (the exception is Tasmania) so I strongly reject your claim that the Libs will drop to 2 seats based on that. There are very few instances that I can think of where personalities in the Senate made the difference.

  3. Senators who have been decisive:-Malcolm Roberts
    Jacqui Lambie
    Derryn Hinch
    General Jim Molan
    Vicki Singh
    Pauline Hanson
    Richard Colbeck
    That’s a tally since 2016.
    Harder to find examples in the majors, but there are Senators who lend their popularity to the whole ticket & eschew identification, so their plan’s working.
    Decisive negatives;- suggestions?

  4. Lambie, Hinch and Hanson are party leaders/one person bands.

    Molan was mainly a preselection issue, his BTL campaign did not win.

  5. Phil, three of those have been in Tasmania (Lambie, Singh, Colbeck) and one didn’t even win (Molan). That really only leaves Hanson and Hinch.

    When I said ‘very few instances’, I was thinking more about people like Syd Negus.


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