Senate – Tasmania – Australia 2022

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  1. Eric Abetz is in trouble. Period.
    The last seat is between himself and Tammi Tyrell (JLN) and whether he holds on remains to be seen.

  2. I wouldn’t be cerain enough Jacqui Lambie support transfers to JLN when she isn’t on the ballot. 2018 state election was very disappointing, so much so they couldn’t be arsed in 2021.

    I think Tasmania is more like to elect 3 Labor and 1 Green than a JLN in the event that Eric Abetz fails to win.

  3. Slightly off topic but out of curiosity why did Tasmania vote against Bob Hawke during his elections? Why did Tasmania overwhelmingly vote for the coalition during the 1980s even backing Fraser in 1983, Is there any historical reason as to why this happened?

    Was Whitlam hated in Tasmania and the damage was so great Tasmania distrusted Labor?
    Was the Liberal party popular in Tasmania at the time?
    Or was the Tasmanian state government unpopular at the time?

    I’d be interesting in knowing if anyone here knows or knows someone who might know, Couldn’t find anything on google suggesting why Hawke did poorly in Tasmania

  4. Daniel, ever heard of the Franklin Dam Crisis? Huge ramifications for Tasmania well into the 90s.


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