Senate – South Australia – Australia 2022

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  1. The comment section won’t load on Spence for some reason.

    But as I said previously I expect 2 Lib, 2 Lab, 1 GRN and 1 minor party (Possible the revived Family First if they do well)

  2. If Nick Xenophon runs I think it will be 2 Labor, 2 Liberals, 1 Greens, and 1 Xenophon. If Xenophon doesn’t run I think it will be 2 Labor, 3 Liberals, and 1 Green.

    It is possible though the third Liberal doesn’t get up and filled by another minor party in Family First. But from what’s been announced they have said to plan to run candidates in the next SA state election but they have been quiet what they will do federally.

    Rex Patrick for the Rex Patrick Team party and Stirling Griff for Centre Alliance both will almost certainly will be defeated at the next federal election. Patrick replaced Xenophon in the senate and quit Centre Alliance and formed his own party.


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