Senate – Northern Territory – Australia 2022

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  1. Price isn’t guaranteed. If people vote below the line they could potentially re-elect Sam McMahon. The senate ticket order doesn’t stop voters from going against the parties preference and voting for the lower candidates of the party.

  2. McMahon hasn’t been in the Senate long enough to get that much of a profile. The NT government (ALP) suffered a swing against them in 2020, and that should be enough to retain the status quo once again.

  3. If Price is successful will she sit as a Nat or Lib in Federal Parliament?
    Interested in the demarcation given that the Senate spot is for the whole of the territory, and Lingiari is considered to be a Nationals contested seat (although never won by the Coalition) and Solomon was in the purview of the Libs.
    Would there be any benefit to joining one over the other at the level? Considering both Coalition parties would probably want her front and centre for various reasons; don’t think she’d get a better deal one way or the other but perhaps Territorians on here have a better read of Country Liberal split.
    Given the recent poor performance of the CLP at Territory elections, who is less palatable to the general electorate Liberal or National?

  4. CLP senators have always been Nationals. I don’t know if the individual has any say over that or (like the QLD LNP) the party basically locks them in to one of the two federal parties.

  5. Thanks Ben it’s an interesting issue, given Ian Macfarlane tried to defect to the Nats to try and get back into Cabinet after he was dumped. This was eventually blocked by the LNP state executive.
    But Leslie Williams was successful moving to the Libs from the Nats in NSW, probably because the parties aren’t formally merged.
    I think Price would get a better deal as a Lib given Bridget McKenzie would most likely be her biggest blocker in the National party, and I think Morrison would be more likely to promote her quicker than Joyce.
    There seems to be a trade off where the Territory leader/Chief Minister will be Liberal when they obtain power, and the Nats then get the top spot on the Senate ticket.

  6. It’s only federal politicians that have to pick a side, though. At the territory level they’re just CLP. I don’t think the party leader has to pick Lib or Nat.

    As for Leslie Williams, yes it’s totally different because they are separate parties.


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