Bennelong – Australia 2022

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  1. If Keneally wants a lower house seat she should run here, having already done so in 2017. We all know she wont, an actual contest won’t do for a career politician.

    On the note of John Alexander, surely he’s looking at retirement, what’s his personal vote like? I see this as a seat Labor can expect to win on a good night, and fortunate timing of a retiring star player may play in their hands.

    For now, a Liberal hold

  2. Honestly, I think Labor only won this seat due to John Howard being unpopular locally & all the stars seemed to aline together for them in 2007. This seat may be marginal in Labor high tides but I don’t expect it to change hands on these boundaries.

  3. This seat puzzles me….Howard lost in 2007 I would have thought with John Howard not contesting labor. S position would have been better in 2010 and they held it…. But I was wrong. Alexander has done quite well to hold with reasonable margin. But as people point out he must be due to retire soon. This seat is Ryde based and I think mainly in Ryde council with a excellent alp candidate in the right circumstances they could win

  4. MiCK
    Alexander has a high flyer girlfriend much younger Deborah Chadwick. We lads in our sixties understand a brutal reality. If we have a GF Like that we work as long we can, &/or until we have PERMISSION not to !.
    Johno is fit & wants to keep said GF. He will go on, no retirement.

  5. John Alexander has advised he won’t contest next election. The margin is 6.9%. Graham Richardson said a couple of days ago he believes Labor will gain a few seats in NSW at the next federal election. You would think that Bennelong may be out of striking distance. But with Alexander now not contesting some Liberals do have fears the seat could come into play.

    The Liberal Party will call for candidates to contest the key Sydney seat of Bennelong amid fears it could lose the seat after former tennis champion John Alexander announced he would leave politics at the federal election.

    Mr Alexander ended months of speculation about his future by telling constituents on Friday afternoon he would not contest the election.

    Potential contenders for Liberal Party selection to contest the seat include tech executive and former political adviser Gisele Kapterian and City of Sydney councillor Craig Chung.

  6. John Alexander is resigning at the next election! This makes the seat more interesting, and potentially gives a ‘Voices’ Independent more hope as they don’t have to compete against an incumbent.

  7. Liberal hold, will most likely be marginal like it use to be. I could only see this seat changing hands if Labor ran I excellent campaign with a popular candidate.

  8. While Maxine won, it was at a point where most people thought the Howard Gov was on its way out. I remember people saying at the time they’d save him going to a by-election.

    A Labor win is possible but everything would have to go right for them. I don’t think Bennelong is close to the hinge seat to win government the way it was in 2007.

    That said, if the Libs put up a bad candidate through a messy preselection, perhaps there’s a chance.


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