Mordialloc – Victoria 2010

ALP 3.5%

Incumbent MP
Janice Munt, since 2002.

Southern Melbourne. Mordialloc covers a majority of the City of Kingston, including the suburbs of Braeside, Cheltenham East, Cheltenham North, Dingley, Mordialloc, Parkdale and Waterways and parts of Cheltenham, Heatherton, Highett, Mentone and Springvale South.

Mordialloc was created in 1992. It was won by the Liberal Party at its first three elections and has been held by the ALP since 2002.

Mordialloc was won in 1992 by the Liberal Party’s Geoff Leigh. Leigh was first elected in 1982 in a by-election in the seat of Malvern, which had been vacated by recently defeated Liberal Premier Lindsay Thompson following the 1982 election.

Leigh moved to Mordialloc in 1992, and held the seat until his defeat in 2002.

Mordialloc has been held since 2002 by the ALP’s Janice Munt.


Political situation
Mordialloc is a very marginal seat.

2006 result

Janice MuntALP16,02645.34-0.78
Stephen HartneyLIB14,40540.75-2.00
Shana NerenbergGRN3,54410.03-0.06
Jadah MilroyFF1,3713.88+3.88

2006 two-candidate-preferred result

Janice MuntALP18,92653.54-0.99
Stephen HartneyLIB16,42046.46+0.99

Booth breakdown
Booths in Mordialloc have been divided into three areas: those around the suburbs of Parkdale and Cheltenham, and those in the northeastern corner of the seat.

The ALP won a majority in all three areas, ranging from 50.7% in the Norrtheast to 56.7% in Cheltenham.


Polling booths in Mordialloc at the 2006 state election. Northeast in orange, Cheltenham in green, Parkdale in blue.
Voter groupGRN %ALP 2CP %Total votes% of votes
Other votes11.4051.297,22320.42
Two-party-preferred votes in Mordialloc at the 2006 state election.


  1. That Springvale South booth in the far north-east is a real outlier, much more in character with neighbouring Clayton and Lyndhurst than with the rest of this middle-class seat. You can see this sharp divide between Kingston and Greater Dandenong councils in the federal seat of Isaacs as well.

    Janice Munt’s biggest claim to fame so far would be her 2002 election slogan, which apparently read “I’m voting for Munt because the other guy’s a ……..”

  2. Mordialloc has been Munted for far too long – tips smell, planes fall out of the sky, the traffic does not move, the tips smell and the local MP tells porkies and is incredibly lazy. Good riddance.

  3. Candidates in ballot paper order are;

    Camelia Feteiha – Greens
    Michael Carty –
    Brandon Hoult –
    Tom Killen – Sex Party
    Stephen Nowland – Family First
    Janice Munt – Labor
    Lorraine Wreford – Liberal
    James Leach – DLP
    Frank Denvir –

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