Hammond – SA 2022

LIB 16.8%

Incumbent MP
Adrian Pederick, since 2006.

Regional South Australia. Hammond covers areas to the south-east of Adelaide centred on Murray Bridge, and also including Monarto, Mypolonga, Strathalbyn, Wellington, Palmer, Tungkillo, Mannum and Harrogate.

Hammond shifted to the west, losing the eastern end of the seat to Chaffey and MacKillop, and gaining Strathalbyn from Heysen. These changes reduced the Liberal margin from 19.5% to 16.8%.

The electorate of Hammond has existed since the 1997 election. The seat has been won by the Liberal Party at three out of four elections, with an ex-Liberal independent winning the seat in 2002.

Peter Lewis won Hammond for the Liberal Party in 1997. He had held a seat in the Hammond area under the names of Mallee, Murray-Mallee and Ridley from 1979 to 1997.

Peter Lewis was expelled from the Liberal Party in 2000, and moved to the crossbenches as an independent MP.

Lewis was re-elected as an independent in 2002, and was placed in the balance of power with the power to decide which party would form government. Lewis shocked most observers by supporting Labor leader Mike Rann to form a Labor government. Lewis was elected as Speaker of the House of Assembly.

Lewis resigned as Speaker at the 2005 election, and in 2006 chose to contest the Legislative Council election rather than Hammond, and lost his bid for election.

Adrian Pederick regained Hammond for the Liberal Party at the 2006 election, and has been re-elected three times.


Hammond is a safe Liberal seat.

2018 result

Adrian PederickLiberal11,47552.0-5.149.4
Kelly GladigauSA-Best5,01022.7+22.723.0
Mat O’BrienLabor3,56016.1-7.717.0
Simon HopeGreens1,0624.8-1.35.7
Declan PatonAustralian Christians9544.3-4.64.3

2018 two-candidate-preferred result

Adrian PederickLiberal13,69762.160.0
Kelly GladigauSA-Best8,36437.940.0

2018 two-party-preferred result

Adrian PederickLiberal15,32569.5+2.766.8
Mat O’BrienLabor6,73630.5-2.733.2

Booth breakdown

Booths in Colton have been divided into four areas. Polling places in the Murray Bridge area have been grouped together, and the remainder of the seat has been split between east, north and west.

The Liberal Party won a majority of the two-party-preferred vote in all four areas, with around 65% in three areas, and 82.1% in the west.

Voter groupSAB prim %LIB 2PP %Total votes% of votes
Murray Bridge20.765.26,75330.6
Other votes22.368.67,52834.1

Election results in Hammond at the 2018 South Australian state election
Toggle between two-candidate-preferred votes (Liberal vs SA-Best), two-party-preferred votes and primary votes for the Liberal Party, SA-Best and Labor.

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  1. I wondered what happened to the alumni of candidates that was SA-Best. Well, after coming so close in Heysen in 2018 with SA-Best, John Illingworth is throwing his lot with the Nationals this time and contesting the neighbouring electorate of Hammond. While I don’t expect this seat to change hands, it’s quite possible the 2CP could exclude Labor for another election, with Nationals coming second. (EDIT: Seems so far only one other SA-Best candidate from 2018 is running, and has also switched to the Nationals in the Leg Co. Interesting to see how much SA-Best vote translates to Nats, with Nats running in quite a few seats and making a concerted effort, Illingworth features in a few photos on the Nats website.)

  2. I expect Airlie Keen will outpoll Illingworth. Most of the voters in Hammond are in the city of Murray Bridge rather than country areas. As a Murray Bridge councillor, Keen would be somewhat known in Murray Bridge while Illingworth is not.


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