Coorparoo – Brisbane 2020

Council margin – LNP 3.9%
Mayoral margin – LNP 7.3%

Incumbent councillor
Fiona Cunningham, since 2019. Fiona Cunningham replaced Ian McKenzie as councillor for Coorparoo in April 2019.

Inner south-eastern Brisbane. Coorparoo covers the suburbs of Coorparoo, Greenslopes and Carina Heights, immediately to the south-east of South Brisbane.

Coorparoo shifted to the west, taking in East Brisbane and Buranda from the Gabba and losing Carina Heights to Holland Park. These changes increased the LNP margin from 3% to 3.9%.

Coorparoo was created as a new ward in 2016, taking in a large part of Holland Park, which shifted to the south.

Holland Park was won in 1997 by Labor candidate Kerry Rea. Rea had previously held Ekibin ward from 1991 to 1994. She held Holland Park until she resigned in 2007 and ran for the federal seat of Bonner which she won. Rea held Bonner for one term before losing in 2010.

After Rea’s resignation, the LNP’s Ian McKenzie won Holland Park with an 8.6% swing. McKenzie was re-elected in 2012 with a further 5.5% swing.

McKenzie shifted to the new ward of Coorparoo in 2016, winning another term despite a swing of 8%.

McKenzie retired in 2019 and was replaced by the LNP’s Fiona Cunningham.


Coorparoo is a very marginal ward, the second most marginal LNP ward in the city.

The seat is definitely in play, and the retirement of the long-standing councillor could make it easier for Labor.

2016 council result

Ian McKenzie Liberal National 10,77446.6-11.546.6
Matt Campbell Labor 8,15735.3+5.233.2
David Hale Greens 3,56715.4+5.617.7
Grigory GraborenkoPeople Decide6392.8+2.82.6

2016 council two-party-preferred result

Ian McKenzie Liberal National 11,11753.0-8.153.9
Matt Campbell Labor 9,87547.0+8.146.1

2016 mayoral result

Graham Quirk Liberal National 11,80850.6-10.551.0
Rod Harding Labor 7,74933.2+8.131.8
Ben Pennings Greens 2,89112.4+0.813.4
Jeffrey HodgesIndependent4111.8+1.81.4
Karel BoelePeople Decide2801.2+1.21.2
Jim EldridgeIndependent1150.5+0.50.5
Jarrod WirthIndependent970.4+0.40.3

2016 mayoral two-party-preferred result

Graham Quirk Liberal National 12,20956.7-11.457.3
Rod Harding Labor 9,32943.3+11.442.7

Booth breakdown

Booths in Coorparoo have been divided into three parts: central, east and west.

Labor was strongest in the west, winning the council vote and polling over 48% of the mayoral two-party-preferred vote. The LNP won in the centre and east more comfortably, with the east the strongest.

The Greens polled much more strongly in the west, with 24% of the vote. Two of the three booths in this areas were transferred from the Greens ward of the Gabba.

Voter groupGRN council primLNP council 2PPLNP mayoral 2PPTotal votes% of votes
Other votes19.657.260.45,33224.0

Election results in Coorparoo at the 2016 Brisbane City Council election
Toggle between two-party-preferred votes for council and lord mayor, and Greens primary votes for council.

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  1. I doubt the retirement of Ian McKenzie will have little, if any impact on the LNPs vote in this ward. Whilst it’ll be tough for them to hold Coorparoo, it’s not impossible.

    Cr Cunningham is a good fit for this ward and is campaigning hard to hold it.

  2. Greens actively targeting this ward. Not sure it will be enough to overtake Labor, but I don’t see the LNP surviving that much campaign activity and losing their incumbent.

  3. In the North East this ward is very suburban. In North West a bit more inner city.This will be Greens strong area.
    In the South suburban working class strongly ideological and culturally Labor. The closure of Secondary Industry in the area may have aided PHON but so far no signs of her being interested in Council elections. Lack of money for votes will probably keep her out but some of her candidates may go solo.
    I heard one off her candidates was making a solo run out in Eastern Ipswich/ Western Brisbane. I am not sure which Ward/Division or how accurate info is so I will not name candidate.


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