Solomon – Australia 2013

CLP 1.8%

Incumbent MP
Natasha Griggs, since 2010.

Solomon covers the Darwin metropolitan area, as well as the nearby city of Palmerston.

The Northern Territory first elected a Member of the House of Representatives in 1922, but this person was only given full voting rights in 1968.

The seat was held by the Country Party and then the Country Liberal Party from then until 1983

Labor and then the CLP each held the seat for one term from 1983 to 1987, before Warren Snowdon won the seat for the ALP in 1987.

Snowdon lost the seat for one term in 1996 before being returned for one more term in 1998.

The 2000 redistribution saw the Northern Territory gain a second seat for the first time, and the seats of Solomon, covering Darwin and Palmerston, and Lingiari, covering the rest of the territory, were created.

In 2001, Country Liberal candidate Dave Tollner won the seat by only 88 votes. In 2004, he increased his margin to 2.8%. The 2007 election saw Tollner lose his seat to the ALP’s Damian Hale.

In 2010, Hale lost his seat to Palmerston alderman Natasha Griggs (CLP).


  • Krystal Metcalf (Sex Party)
  • Trudy Campbell (Citizens Electoral Council)
  • Todd Williams (Greens)
  • Martin Burgess (Voluntary Euthanasia Party)
  • Luke Gosling (Labor)
  • Paul Sellick (Rise Up Australia)
  • Stephen Spain (Palmer United Party)
  • Natasha Griggs (Country Liberals)
  • Eileen Cummings (Australian First Nations)

Solomon is a long-standing marginal seat and will be a key target for the ALP. Griggs should benefit from a personal vote that previously benefited the ALP.

2010 result

Natasha GriggsCLP23,62746.37-0.43
Damian HaleALP18,38436.08-5.82
Emma YoungGRN6,77213.29+4.22
John KearneyON1,5052.95+2.95
Trudy CampbellCEC6681.31+0.83

2010 two-candidate-preferred result

Natasha GriggsCLP26,37151.75+1.94
Damian HaleALP24,58548.25-1.94
Polling booths in Solomon at the 2010 federal election. North Darwin in orange, South Darwin in green, Palmerston in blue.

Booth breakdown
Booths have been divided into three clear parts. The town of Palmerston stands apart from the City of Darwin. Within Darwin, there is a clear divide between the south and the north of Darwin.

Thus the booths have been divided into Palmerston, North Darwin and South Darwin.

The ALP won a slim 54.4% margin in North Darwin, which makes up about half of the population of Solomon.

The CLP made up for this by winning larger margins (55-57%) in South Darwin and Palmerston, as well as a majority amongst other votes.

Voter groupGRN %CLP 2PP %Total votes% of votes
North Darwin14.9145.6518,42936.17
South Darwin15.2355.218,78717.24
Other votes12.9653.9414,95829.35
Two-party-preferred votes in Solomon at the 2010 federal election.
Greens primary votes in Solomon at the 2010 federal election.


  1. May actually be a swing towards Labor in Solomon. Cannot count on the Country Liberal MP being returned here after the issues going on with the Territory Country Liberal Government. Labor have preselected a reasonable candidate, will be interesting to say the least.

  2. One Nation has a very winnable candidate in John Kearney. Both Governments are a total failure. Word has it that One Nation just might win Solomon as John is a local and well known.

  3. Mr Stephen Spain will contest this seat for Palmer’s United Party. I still think Solomon will be closer than people think. The Country Liberal’s will hold it, but the swing here won’t be as big as other electorates.

  4. Vulnerable, but sophomore surge coupled with a general swing to the Coalition should be enough one would think.

  5. Yappo, I have no info but the Libs on the ground reckon they will hold it and they haven’t given up on Lingiari.

  6. Lingiari is gone for the Libs, Snowden will hold. CLP`s Natashsa Griggs is on the nose. People have not forgotten what the CLP did when elected back to NT Government, 30-40% pricehike on everything. Labor`s Luke Gosling is a lost cause, cannot be trusted with the truth. This is one seat where a dark horse has a serious chance. Solomon is an open book.

  7. Observer, explain disgracefull … Its quite obvious from your comments that being a supporter of a party that blantently kills people at the stroke of continuous failed Labor policies is something you have no problems with. I truly believe you need to seek medical advice !!

  8. John, this isn’t the place for that sort of blatant political bashing to support your candidacy. Take it elsewhere.

  9. Thats disgraceful JohnK, I may have been annoyed that a one nation candidate is bashing the parties to get a pity vote, but don’t try and accuse a party of deliberately killing people. I think you need t seriously think about what you stand for and whether thats an OK view to have in 2013 Australia

  10. Perhaps she should employ a driver?
    “The matter, which happened two weeks after Ms Griggs was caught driving an unregistered vehicle in Cavenagh St, has been reported to police.”

  11. They certainly do things differently in the NT. the Greens cannot be accused of being latte sippers up there. they have an indigneous activist from Alice Springs in Lingiari and a rockabilly muso in Solomon. Excellent

  12. winediamond

    A bit hard to to dis-endorse a sitting member this far out from an election. The real question is what effect this will have in the way this seat votes.

  13. As a registered voter in the Solomon electorate, ethically I find that it is difficult to vote at this time. Our candidates fail the integrity test and the minor parties have failed to provide evidence of their fitness to hold a position in government.
    As a profesional I cannot endorse any person who may potentially have links to organised crime or foreign interests yet no condender or minor party has been subject to intensive due diligence checks to provide the voter a high degree of assurance that the individual is a fit and propert person to hold a position of power in our national parliament. I have found it to be an ethical condundrum where I could actually be in breach of Codes of Ethics that I comply with in my work and professional life.

    ELECTION candidates from the major parties have been caught out over misleading biographies dealing with their career history – airbrushing their union links and employment with federal MPs.

    Read more:

  14. If anybody votes for Labors Luke Goslings.The man is a compulsive liar and a disgraceful candidate to represent any political party. The reason I am not running at this election is for all to read on
    I do not operate with Liars, Thieves or Crooks. I will be back in 12 months when the double dissolution is called. This country is going down the gurgular at a rate of knots never seen before and it must stoped. Both Labor and the Coalition will jack up the GST to 12.5% minimum, have interests rates raised by at least 5% to 8% within 3months, their will be no respite in the company tax, you can take that to the bank. New taxes and levies will be introduced to compensate Australia`s burgening debt, we will all be left with less money than now in our pockets and the old saying is that “its for our own good”, just doesn`t cut it. To be punished more by your elected members dismal failings. Australians need to wake up !!

  15. ^ Well Darwin & the Top End lives up to its reputation of having a higher % of weird characters! I wonder if JK lives in Humpty Doo?

    Anyway, for what it is worth I came here to post this info which is on PB before I read the above dribble;
    “Thomas. Paine. Posted Friday, September 6, 2013 at 12:16 pm
    Solomon 50.6% to Labor according to internal poll.”

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