Map of the day – northern Tasmania


I received a request earlier this week to consider making a map showing the results of the map in Bass and Braddon, the two electorates in northern Tasmania won by Labor in 2016 and lost in 2019.

The map in this post shows the two-candidate-preferred vote across Tasmania, and also shows the swing in four of the five Tasmanian seats (there’s something weird going on with the booth swings in Clark in the AEC’s dataset, so I’ve left it off).

The picture of swings in northern Tasmania is reasonably consistent, but there is a handful of booths across the region where Labor gained ground against the general trend.

When you look at the total vote (not the swing), Labor still won majorities in clusters of booths at the centre of Launceston, Burnie and Devonport, but otherwise lost most booths.

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  1. Something to note with the booth swings in Bass – the AEC mis-aligned the two Trevallyn booths by using the 2016 Trevallyn booth as a baseline for the 2019 Trevallyn booth and the 2016 Riverside West booth as a baseline for the 2019 Trevallyn Central booth. In fact the 2016 Trevallyn booth is the 2019 Trevallyn Central booth and the 2016 Riverside West booth is 2019 Trevallyn. That accounts for Labor’s only apparent swing of any size within Launceston.


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